Alex Mooney is an opportunistic career politician who has never had a job outside of politics, including running for office in three different states. In fact, he only moved to West Virginia to run for an open Congressional seat, despite never having voted or paid taxes here.
Maryland Mooney Puts West Virginians Last


Alex Mooney is under investigation by the Ethics Committee for violating federal laws by spending $49,000 in campaign funds to personally benefit himself - money that was spent on things like family trips, resorts, meals, car expenses, wine, and cigars.
Report: Review no. 21-6617, House Ethics Committee, July 23, 2021 Chris Marquette, "Office of Congressional Ethics investigating W.Va. Rep. Alex Mooney," Roll Call, June 15, 2021 Editorial, "Mooney's spending looks bad, sanctions unlikely," Charleston Gazette-Mail, Aug. 2, 2021

Abandoned West Virginia

When historic thunderstorms and floods ravaged communities in his district across West Virginia, Mooney fled to Egypt - leaving his constituents in the dark.

Betrayed President Trump

Alex Mooney voted against funding President Trump's border wall.
HR 1625, Roll Call #127, 3/22/18)

Betrayed Coal Miners

Alex Mooney says he's fighting to protect the coal industry, but while serving in the Maryland legislature, Mooney fought to pass legislation to stop the building of new coal power plants in the state.
Senate Bill 901, Maryland State Senate, March 20, 2002

Mooney on Drugs

Alex Mooney voted against a bill to stop deadly fentanyl coming from China through the mail and poisoning our communities. Mooney was one of just three Republicans to vote against this bill which was championed by President Donald Trump.
H.R. 5788, Roll Call Vote no. 265, June 14, 2018

Mooney on Veterans

Alex Mooney has repeatedly disrespected the service of West Virginia veterans, voting six times against bills to help men and women who served and sacrificed. He opposed VA benefits for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals, mental health funding for veterans, and assistance for homeless veterans.

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